Speakcheesy Old Home Page

At Speakcheesy, We Create Amazing Grilled Cheeses

Made Fresh in our Traveling Gourmet Grilled Cheese Truck from Rome, Georgia

We are on a mission to travel the US with our little grilled cheese truck in town behind our converted Transit van. We believe that food is an art and our art is worth sharing!

Our sandwiches are about quality, nostalgia, flavor, and fun. We want our customers to feel the joy and the love that is toasted right into each and every Speakcheesy grilled cheese from the first moment they step up to our unique food truck and down to the very last bite.



How to find the truck & Locations


Our Speakcheesy Food Truck public vending schedule is always posted on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages so you can be in the know about where to find our cute little cheese truck!

We are building our fall and winter brewery and winery tour for the food truck. This will be a bit of an experiment to see how long and how far logistically we can travel with our truck!

For October and November we plan to focus on Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee locations so we can test the validity of our plans safely and within Covid-19 protocols.